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What to consider when placing ads on Bloomberg





     Before you pay to place ads on the Bloomberg website, you should understand why the site is so important and what you can expect when you buy advertising on it. 

Why advertise on Bloomberg? -- One of the things you may wonder is why advertising on Bloomberg is such a smart thing to do. 

That boils down to the number of people that are likely to see any ads on Bloomberg that you place. This is due to the sheer amount of traffic Bloomberg gets across all their websites -- in the tens of millions of visits a month and increasing all the time. 

That means, even if your ad is only seen by one to two percent of the people visiting Bloomberg, you will still have several hundred thousand people seeing it.

What is the click through rate? -- It is impossible to predict a click through rate for any ad as it depends on the ad itself and the audience that see it.

If you place your ads on Bloomberg, however, and you target them specifically to Bloomberg's typical audience, you can expect to get a quite high click through rate from people that can afford to buy what you are selling.

How long should you run advertising on Bloomberg? -- Considering the amount of traffic you can expect, and the spending power of many of the people reading the site, you should try to run your ads on Bloomberg for as long as you can.

If you can afford to have them run several days every week for a month or two, you can expect to see a huge increase in traffic to your company's site.

If you are very specific about targeting the ad to the typical Bloomberg reader, you could end up with the most traffic you have ever received from any ad.

If you wish to learn more, please see ads bloomberg.